The Magic of a Melbourne Marriage

It was a typical Melbourne day…you know the kind, where it somehow can defy the laws of any scientific explanation and be both hot and cold at the same time, with a bit of cloud but bright sunshine. Think back to a time when Maroon 5 were rocking the charts with Moves Like Jagger, Obama was President and Geelong had just won the flag.

And, it was on a lovely Saturday afternoon on 8 October that Alicia Grabowski married Tom Hall – after having met through mutual friends a few years earlier.


A bit over eight years on from that special day, here’s what Tom and Alicia have to say about all things proposals, weddings and marriage:

The proposal…

Alicia says for six months, she got “proposal ready” at every holiday and dinner out together – ready to say ‘yes’ and to be photographed, full make-up and with the right outfit.

But as it turned out, the proposal came at a time she was least expecting it after a swim, with hair dishevelled at Diamond Bay – where after driving to the top of the cliff, Tom finally popped the question.

The ceremony…

An old school wedding, Tom and Alicia got married at St Mary’s church in Windsor.

Tom says that the best memory of his wedding day is Alicia walking down the aisle: “I often think about my wife walking down the aisle and having all of our friends and family there in one place…it’s something that really never happens again”.

Alicia says that the whole day goes by in a flash, particularly after so much planning…but without doubt, nothing beats walking down the aisle.

The reception…

For me, the thing that I remember most about Tom and Alicia’s reception, besides the dancing and wine (which may have caused things to become a little blurry), is the sweets table. I have never seen so many lollies in one place at one time. I was like a kid in a candy store (literally).

Alicia says the thing she loved about her reception was the photo booth – “we have so many hilarious pics of our guests from inside the booth” and the wedding video – “since our special day we have had guests that have passed away and our beautiful wedding video shows them having a ball and dancing the night away…how precious is that???”


Looking back, 8 years and three kids later…

Tom says the thing that he is most grateful for in his marriage is that he can 100% trust his wife. Meanwhile, Alicia says she loves that she has a best friend and a husband wrapped up in one.

The best thing about your partner???

Tom says the best thing about Alicia is that she’s a great mum. Alicia says that she loves Tom supporting everything that she wants to do, 100% -“if I ever want to do something, he will support me”. She adds, “He’s also an amazing dad”. 


Your partner’s worst habit?

Alicia: Just one??? Tom doesn’t put his clean clothes away!

Tom: The yelling and the screaming…

What’s the one thing no-one tells you about marriage?

Tom says the best thing about marriage that no one tells you is the benefit of consistency – there is something great knowing what you are coming home to every day. For Alicia, it’s having someone you love to share your day with each and every night.

And, what’s the secret to a happy marriage?

Alicia thinks the secret for their success is “having our own time and our own success”. Meanwhile, Tom has trouble naming just one…but thinks it’s a combination of trust and respect and understanding your partner’s needs.