Couples of Cobalt – Lee Jeloscek & Sally Cummine

When I was training to become a marriage celebrant the most important thing I learned was that weddings should be fun

And, that’s exactly the reason that I became a marriage celebrant – I wanted to share in the fun and frivolity that comes when two people get married.

To this day, it still absolutely blows my mind that two strangers, from the billions of people that live on earth and through the maze of faces we see every day, can find each other.

And, not only find each other, but also have a connection that is so strong and so intense that they want to commit their lives to each other for eternity.

I think that is just awesome and explains why weddings are the bestest days ever – filled with happiness and laughter; and with a whole lot of colour and excitement.

What I have just described is the wedding of Lee Jeloscek and Sally Cummine – my first-ever as a registered marriage celebrant.

Being the first official wedding that I presided over, I will forever remember that bright and sunny Saturday afternoon in October 2014, when Lee and Sally exchanged their vows on the beach at Killcare on the Central Coast.

And, three and a half years later, Lee and Sal’s wedding remains strong in my memory as a cracker!  A cracker of a couple; A cracker of a venue; and a cracker of a day!


From push-ups by the groomsmen mid-wedding ceremony through to Sal being whisked up in Lee’s arms as they entered their reception – this day had Lee and Sally written all over it.

As Lee explains, I think there was a lot of “us” in our day, “it was the style we wanted; from the vows through to our wedding dance, which was a medley of songs from our favourite movies”, he says.

As a celebrant, I love when couples get involved and get their hands dirty when it comes to planning their ceremony.

I also think that when couples take the time to add their own unique touches, it makes their day so much more special – not only for them, but also their guests.

Sally remembers, when it came time for her to walk down the aisle, she was feeling incredibly nervous.

But, as soon as she stepped out and saw Lee, she couldn’t contain her excitement, “I just wanted to jump into his arms straight away!”, Sally says.


From that very first moment, Lee and Sally’s wedding  was pure joy!



And, what is Lee’s tip to other couples planning their big day?

He says, it’s important that the new bride and groom take the time out of their day to enjoy it and to soak-in as much of the atmosphere as possible.

It’s a day full of people you love, celebrating the love that you have for each other – it really is such a high”, he says.

And, Sal’s advice?

Make sure you have a cheeseboard for dessert – it’s a must”!

However, I think the best piece of advice I have ever heard parted at a wedding, came from the father of the bride…when toasting the happy couple Sal’s dad hoped, “that the fights must always be clean…and the sex, always dirty!”

Amen to that!