Couples of Cobalt – Introducing Angie and Brendon Argyle…

As part of my blog, I will from time to time be sharing stories of some happy couples that are in my life. Some I have married, some I have not – but all have a unique and wonderful story to share.

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So here goes, with my first ever Couple of Cobalt!


It was the beginning of May 2015, a Friday afternoon where the weather was subtly reminding us all that the seasons were about to change.

The setting was perfection – Vaucluse House, where lush greenery filled every sense, as light droplets of rain fell almost silently from the grey clouds above – playfully bouncing off everyone’s cheeks.

In a moment, the iconic words of John Denver would fill the air, as a stillness overcome:

You fill up my senses like a night in a forest,

Like the mountains in Springtime,

Like a walk in the rain…

This was the wedding day of Angie and Brendon Argyle – a beautiful day, where they formalised their relationship and become husband and wife.

Looking back, Angie remembers most fondly the moment she stood next to Brendon ready to say her vows, seeing everyone she loved, in one place, smiling back at her.

“It really was a moment to treasure” Angie says.


As Angie and Brendon’s celebrant, for me, the day was extra special as I was able to unite one of my oldest and dearest school friends with her new husband in the union of marriage – the most sacred and special relationship of all.

I really enjoyed planning the ceremony with Angie and Brendon – as they made their ceremony their own, complete with their own special touches such as ringing a bell at the end of the ceremony to signal to the world that they had now started their own family.

As Brendon explains, “we rang a bell to announce that we were man and wife, which is the same bell we ring today when we want to commemorate a special family occasion”.


Almost three years later and Angie and Brendon’s life has been a whirlwind.

From setting up a new business to relocating from the big-smoke – they now find themselves living in Orange in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales farming saffron, having added a plus-one, little miss Poppy Hazel, with another on the way.

And, three years on, what are Angie and Brendon’s reflections on marriage?

Angie says, “Marriage is not all butterflies and roses…rather, it is about overcoming challenges together, which makes you closer and stronger as a couple and means that you never really stop learning about each other”.

“It also means that you can walk around the house in your undies, without being judged”, she says giggling.

Meanwhile, Brendon says the thing about marriage that no-one tells you is that marriage will bring out your best!

“It makes you want to be the best person you can and it makes you want the best for your family each and every day”, he says.


So as they wait the pending arrival of child number 2 in April 2018, looking back, what is Brendan and Angie’s secret ingredient for a happy marriage?

They both agree that a good marriage is built on “trust, humour and perseverance”.

And for that, Angie and Brendo are the first Couple of Cobalt!