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The Magic of a Melbourne Marriage

It was a typical Melbourne day…you know the kind, where it somehow can defy the laws of any scientific explanation and be both hot and cold at the same time, with a bit of cloud but bright sunshine. Think back to a time when Maroon 5 were rocking the charts with Moves Like Jagger, Obama […]

Couples of Cobalt – Lee Jeloscek & Sally Cummine

When I was training to become a marriage celebrant the most important thing I learned was that weddings should be fun And, that’s exactly the reason that I became a marriage celebrant – I wanted to share in the fun and frivolity that comes when two people get married. To this day, it still absolutely […]

Best Wedding Venues in NSW

For those of you in the market for a wedding venue or location ideas – the Urban List has recently released its Best Wedding Venue List for NSW. It’s certainly worth a look and you can check it out at the link below: Best Wedding Venues in NSW When it comes to planning a wedding, […]

Couples of Cobalt – Introducing Angie and Brendon Argyle…

As part of my blog, I will from time to time be sharing stories of some happy couples that are in my life. Some I have married, some I have not – but all have a unique and wonderful story to share. You can follow those stories via the Instagram Account: Couples of Cobalt: So […]